Biosphere Eco-Efficiency Initiative Set to Launch

February 20, 2020

To further support Biosphere Committed Entities, the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association is collaborating with GreenStep Solutions to help members measure, monitor, and manage key areas of environmental sustainability with the Eco-Efficiency Program.

Through this program, all Biosphere Committed Entities are eligible to receive free Eco-Efficiency assessments from GreenStep which will examine current energy, water, and waste practices and infrastructure, and will result in a report that outlines recommendations for improved performance in these key areas.

Following the assessments, participating members will have access to educational workshops, webinars, and toolkits that will help them continue their journey towards improved environmental sustainability. A one-year subscription to EcoBase Carbon Software will also be provided so that participants can calculate the carbon emissions associated with their operations, with an option to purchase carbon offsets for those that wish to become carbon neutral.

The Eco-Efficiency Program will be provided free to the first 100 Biosphere Committed Entities that sing up, as the program has been sponsored by the Okanagan Basin Water Board, the Real Estate Foundation of BC, and TOTA.

For more information on the Biosphere Adhesion Program or to register, please visit TOTA’s website or email

For businesses who have already become Biosphere Committed Entities, please sign up for the Eco-Efficiency Program. If you have questions on this program, please email for more information.

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