Bead by Bead for Australia – Fundraiser Kicks Off on Valentines Day

The Australian bush fires have claimed twenty-nine human lives with the loss of wildlife estimated at one billion animals.

Over ten million hectares of habitat has been consumed by flames. To date, a landmass larger than the Thompson Okanagan has been destroyed leaving 244 animal species without sufficient food or shelter.

Not yet halfway through the fire season, the situation down-under is dire. As the world grieves the loss of an American crew on-board a British Columbian water bomber, the fight to save a continent exacts a tragic toll. Conscious of the environmental and economic impact of wild and bushfires, BeadTrail businesses are joining forces to support fire fighters in their efforts. It will take years of support for Australia to restore its fragile ecosystem and economy in a landscape forever changed.

Opening our Hearts and our Wallets
The koala is one of the most loved animals in Australia, it is also one of the most impacted by
the bushfires. Too slow to outrun the inferno, it climbs high into the eucalyptus trees to escape
the soaring flames. Those that survive crawl out of the forests burned and dehydrated –
suffering from smoke inhalation and heat stroke.

Koalas are only one species of animal perishing in the Australian firestorm. Today, the wildlife
of Australia serves as a stark reminder that we must raise more money to sustain the current
front-line battle while raising awareness of climate change and its contribution to the growing
crisis the planet faces.

The Campaign
BeadTrails has designed a double bead to symbolize our support of bushfire and wildlife recovery in Australia. The perfectly paired set represents a koala climbing a eucalyptus tree framed by a locally designed wooden bead of the continent of Australia with the inscription
Bead by Bead.

The Australian fund-raising beads are available at BeadTrails Experience in Summerland as well as at participating partner locations throughout the province. Each bead costs $8.95 plus tax with $5.00 from the purchase of each bead donated to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and the RSPCA New South Wales Bushfire Appeal.

Barbie, Bevvies, and Beads – Launch Event
BeadTrails together with Nesters Market in Summerland is hosting an Aussie style barbie with burgers and brats and some tasty toppings courtesy of Maple Roche and dessert locally crafted by our friends at Nummers. The event will run rain or shine at BeadTrails Experience, 13207 Victoria Road North in Summerland.

Detonate Brewing, Heavens Gate Estate Winery and Maple Leaf Spirits will be serving craft beer, local wine and hot cocktails at the launch event occurring on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2020, between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. If you have your Food Safe Certificate and would like to help man the barbie give us a shout at

“We want to send a whole lot of love and support down under”, says Karen Griggs owner of BeadTrails Experience. “B.C, has suffered the impact of fire and while we cannot begin to fathom the scope of the crisis in Australia, we can do our best to help combat it” she adds. The event is by donation with BeadTrails collecting $20.00 per ticket. Each ticket entitles the bearer to a campaign bead, burger or bratwurst and beverage token. Additional beverage tokens can be purchased on site where attendees can bid on silent auction items. If you would like to donate to the auction let us know.


About the BeadTrails – Created in Spring 2010 by Karen Griggs of Summerland B.C. the BeadTrails Experience is currently celebrating it’s tenth year of operations. Starting with a trail of 15 businesses in Summerland BeadTrails now unites the Nations wineries, boutiques, restaurants, artist studios and cultural points of interest in a unique touring adventure. In 2019 and 2020, the BeadTrails Experience has expanded to the Niagara Peninsula, Prince Edward Island and Lower Mainland of B.C.

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