Thompson Okanagan Accessibility Guide

“Accessible” and how important is it that you are?

Midnight Musings from our CEO

When most people hear the word accessibility, the first thought for many is to reference individuals who for a variety of reasons may require a wheelchair.

Today the definition of accessibility has become much broader. Inclusive and accessible tourism and travel means welcoming persons with a wide range of mobility needs. These needs may be the result of injury or aging, but they may also be parents or grandparents traveling with young children who are in strollers, it may mean individuals with hearing and sight concerns or those with diminished mental capacity.

Increasingly people want to travel and experience the world no matter their situation. No longer are people willing to be held back by physical or mental issues, no longer content to stay home or watch while others enjoy. This provides the Tourism Industry with a tremendous opportunity is to ensure we are ready and welcoming making adjustments to services and products that will assist in helping everyone’s travel experiences “remarkable” and “exceptional”.

Based on our understanding and learning in this area continues to grow we know that while businesses and operators cannot be all things to all people, it is important to accurately communicate the accessible services you do have. For this reason, we are undertaking the development of the first regional accessibility travel guide. With input and direction from our TOTA Accessibility Specialist Sonja Gaudet, we believe this first of its kind travel guide, will provide guests and potential guests to the region insightful guidance for trip planning that can help ease the concerns of a fast-growing segment of the travel population.

Join us in creating what we know is a critically important regional guide. All of our TOTA team are taking an active role in bringing this piece to life and can help answer your questions. For more information, click here.


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