Why Measure Sustainability?

Why Measure Sustainability

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Why Measure Sustainability? 
Measuring business practices, as it pertains to reducing negative impacts, establishes a baseline and framework for the development of programs/projects, such as waste reduction projects, energy-efficient programs and carbon measuring adoption. Measurement is also essential in communicating progress, anticipating new requirements and managing the progress towards the sustainability goals.

This month we will highlight businesses’ featuring work relative to SDG Thirteen: Urgent adoption of measures against climate change. We will take a look at how they integrate climate change measures into their strategic planning.

Leaders in Biosphere

Highlights of businesses committed to the Biosphere Adhesion Program

Tourism Kamloops continues to elevate its commitment to the Biosphere Adhesion Program by focusing on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 17- partnerships for the goals.

Tourism Kamloops strives to strengthen relationships with Tk’emlups te Secwepemc, Thompson Rivers University, and Kamloops Innovation. Understanding the impact of educational opportunities, Tourism Kamloops is committed to providing diverse workshops for the community on accessible and inclusive destination development; digital marketing skills; destination ambassadorship, and more. The team supports the Bee City Program, as well as participates in the Impact Sustainability Travel & Tourism Forum.

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Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm is the first company in North America to use 100% biodegradable containers, Sulapac, while continuing to explore more sustainable solutions. Their Earth Tube system passively controls the temperature by circulating the air between the rooms and the ground outside. This saves up to 78% of energy compared with traditional HVAC systems. They allow one paper checkout bag per purchase and charge a fee for any additional bags. All proceeds are donated to Tree Canada’s National Greening Program, specifically for reforesting areas in BC damaged by wildfires and invasive pests.   

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Since the first 19 solar panels went live in May 2019 The Sorrento Centre has been living up to their commitment to environmental sustainability by generating lots of clean, green and abundant energy from the sun, and sending power back into the BC Hydro grid to share with their neighbors. Even with the shorter and darker days of the fall and winter, the solar array is still generating plenty of energy for the building. The Solar system had seen an immediate positive impact. The BC Hydro bill for May of 2019 showed a 62% decrease in daily average inflow and 386kWh of surplus energy back into the grid. This meant a savings of $226.00 for the month of May!

Plans are underway for another 32 panels. This will boost projected annual production by 9,500 kWh/year and enable the Sorrento Centre to install an EV charging station to power electric vehicles – a first for the community of Sorrento, BC!

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Global Biosphere Example

Barcelona, as the first urban destination to obtain the Biosphere Certification, is also the first European city to require solar water heaters to be installed in all new buildings and renovations. Education and maintenance are the keys to success. The Barcelona Energy Agency strongly believes that solar panels should be managed like elevators and be inspected on a regular basis. The Energy Agency runs the information center to provide assistance in solar panel installation and maintenance. In 2006, Spain enacted building codes that included solar water heaters. This initiative has helped Barcelona to reduce the carbon intensity of its electricity by about 30% since 2000.

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Welcome Newly Committed Entities

A View to Remember B&B
Covert Farms
The Vibrant Vines Winery Inc 
Accent Inns Kelowna

SDG 13: Urgent adoption of measures against climate change

1. Commit to sustainable tourism practices 
Follow the guidelines for sustainable tourism based on the Seven Generations Principle. Take the Pledge today!

2. Gather baseline data
What gets measured gets managed! You can start with water, energy, waste, then expand to other consumption. The Eco-efficiency program will get you started with these endeavors.

3. Brainstorm actions to help achieve goals
Finding ways to conserve energy in a more sustainable direction. This would not only make your organization greener but also can save you money immediately. Here are some tips for energy-saving.

4. Engaging all stakeholders 
Anything worth knowing is worth sharing. Sustainability education is essential to create a large impact and build a sustainable destination. You can start by educating your staff and guests. For example, does it matter how your staff and your guests arrive? This article may give you some ideas to encourage green travel. Read here.

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