Sleigh Rides Reined In Funds for Charity

Christmas Sleigh Ride Event Success

Following eight busy days of sleigh rides over the Christmas holidays, the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs received a New Year donation of $3000.

Horse Drawn Okanagan hosted their 3rd annual sleigh ride event at a new venue in Armstrong with resounding success. With 11 draft horses and four sleighs running simultaneously, the event was at capacity most days.

100% of the sponsorship money was donated back to the charity of choice.

“I want to thank Rellish Transport Services and Bannister Honda for their generosity in supporting the event, and in turn, supporting the charity. And we could not have done it without our dedicated volunteers. The owner of the facility was incredibly helpful and generous too. For everyone to give their time at Christmas at our event – I am really grateful.“ – Kelly MacIntosh, Event Coordinator.

Guests came from all over the Okanagan, but some were visiting from around the world such as China, Australia, and Korea, and experienced snow and draft horses for the very first time.

“We went from 1700 guests in 2018 to 2300 guests in 2019. That’s a huge increase and we are so thrilled with the turnout. It means that we are filling a need for family activities right at Christmas. I also think that a lot of people come simply to see the draft horses, and that’s why we do it in the first place; it’s all about the horses. Not everyone’s grandparents live on a farm anymore and we hope to connect younger generations to the past and remind them of the significant role horses have in our lives.”

Ottercrest Farms was the perfect setting for the event. People could see where the horses are housed in the big beautiful barn, visit with the farm animals, and pet the draft horses. The large covered arena gave guests a space to keep warm and dry before heading out on the sleighs. The backdrop was a winter wonderland of snow covered trees and hay fields.

Organizers plan to bring back the sleigh ride event again next Christmas, but in the mean time they are planning events for the summer. You can find Horse Drawn Okanagan horses and teamsters giving wagon rides, horse-drawn tours, wedding carriage rides, and agricultural demonstrations throughout the region.

For more information on upcoming events and activities with Horse Drawn Okanagan, contact Kelly MacIntosh at 250-540-7344,

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