Frank Antoine & Family Christmas Auction

Explore Canada™ & Tourism Industry Colleagues are supporting Riel Antoine

Bonnie Lepine Antoine & Frank Antoine are in need of financial support. Baby Riel, just 11 months old, underwent a 10 hour surgery a few months ago for the removal of a brain tumour. Most of the mass was removed, but some still remains in the brain stem. Riel suffered a bone infection after the surgery and pathology results have diagnosed him with cancer. Riel has started chemo treatments and they continue over a period of six months. Further treatment may be required after which recovery may take up to a year or more.

Bonnie and Frank have been sleeping bedside at Vancouver Children’s Hospital taking turns to be with Riel during his cancer treatments. Because of this situation, both are off work with no benefits or pay, and are in need of our help financially.

Please take a look at items generously donated by generous members of the tourism industry. Every dollar will go towards the cause so bid generously!

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