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Biosphere Training Workshops

We are pleased to be hosting another Global Sustainable Tourism Council training workshop this fall in the Central Okanagan. The half-day workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 16th, exact venue TBD.

Having a quality, inclusive training that is adapted to the real needs of the destination is an essential part of tourism sustainability. We are very lucky to have Angela Nagy from GreenStep Solutions (certified GSTC trainer) to provide tips on how to offset your organization’s impact. This is in line with several United Nations’ Sustainability Goals, particularly goal four (Quality Education), goal eleven (Sustainable Cities and Communities), goal seventeen (Partnership for the Goals), and others. This month we are featuring several organizations who are offering or promoting quality education and training to their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Leaders in Biosphere

Highlights of businesses committed to the Biosphere Adhesion Program

The museum consulted with First Nations on design of the new exhibits at the Okanagan Heritage Museum. Eric Mitchell of Okanagan Indian Band led the design, construction, and interpretation of a traditional winter home inside the gallery.

The Kelowna Museum Society develops educational activities that engage visitors, stimulating their curiosity around tourism and sustainable development. They work closely with Indigenous communities to ensure their perspectives and priorities are well represented in the museum displays and programs. In addition, their “Ride to the Museum” social media campaign encourages visitors to walk, cycle or use transit to visit them, a relatively modest yet powerful gesture to encourage sustainable transportation.

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Every year Planet Bee Honey Farm presents to thousands of customers about the importance of honeybees to our ecosystems in the educational centre. They teach about the plight of the honeybee and give customers advice on what they can do to help. An outdoor learning area is added with informational signage detailing bee-friendly plants, local pollinators, and the plight of the honeybee. All staff are well versed in the necessary information to assist customers in their experience of these areas. They educate their customers by offering ‘bee-friendly tips’ in their online monthly newsletter.

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Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm teach their visitors about sustainable farming and how they adapted in the agricultural industry to stay current and economically viable. They developed tours to both children (Pollinator tour) and adults (Sustainable farming practices) to teach them about the importance of preserving and respecting the natural environment. They also teach new staff about sustainable initiatives such as reusable water bottles, coffee cups and on-site composting. They also encourage all of their staff to help in the garden as time allows, which enables them to be outside in the fresh air doing physical activity!

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What Are the SDGs (Tourism for SDGs)

Global Biosphere Example

La Cuadra de Antón is a responsible and efficient restaurant in Gijón, Spain. They encourage diversity and offset their impact on the environment. They promote the collaboration with CleanCO2 and the Responsible Tourism Institute (Biosphere Adhesion Destination) to showcase their efforts on calculating their carbon footprint and to offset their emissions in social projects. They also raise awareness for caring for our landscapes and farming by informing their customers on how to adapt to societal changes within the framework of sustainable development.

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Welcome Newly Committed Entities

Osoyoos Golf Club
Current Taxi
Giro Vacations Ltd

SDG 4: Quality Education

A great number of community organizations that embody United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals in their daily practices. Below are some successful examples.

1. Show your company history and value, introduce where are the product comes from

2. Showcase your sustainability commitment

  • For biosphere committed entities, showing your employees and customers that you are Biosphere Certified Entity! You could proudly showcase your biosphere certificate and sustainability commitment on your website and social media

  • Blog post, Facebook post, brochure, website

  • Display your Biosphere Certificate proudly!

3. Join TOTA’s upcoming GSTC and Eco-efficiency training!

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