Welcome to Biosphere Adhesion Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to our first monthly newsletter for the Biosphere Adhesion Program! This newsletter will feature highlights of committed Biosphere entities, examples of Biosphere leaders from around the world, and helpful hints and tips to inform sustainable business practices.

Each newsletter we will feature a new United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) area and subsequent businesses that are providing leadership in these goals. If your business is engaging in programs that align with featured goal areas, please contact us, as we are looking to feature unique stories from around the region.

In the Global Example section, we will introduce an international Biosphere Entity, with the intent to share best practices from around the world and foster opportunities for international collaboration.

This month, we will highlight businesses featuring work relative to SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production.  We want to make this newsletter valuable to you so please share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve!

Leaders in Biosphere

Highlights of businesses committed to the Biosphere Adhesion Program

Cedar Heaven Resort is a family operated retreat in Clearwater, committed to the use of local and organic products and committed to recycling activities. They participate in Rocky Mountain Soap’s hotel program utilizing refillable containers rather than disposable. They also do recycling in each unit and sort everything before bringing it to the Eco Centre weekly. They especially support locally made sourdough bread (Daily Grain Bread) and locally produced honey – both sourced at the local farmers market.

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Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre is committed to the “Refreshingly Green” program: They provide optional housekeeping, use digital newspapers and magazines to reduce the use of paper, and are highly committed to recycling, composting, and the use of biodegradable cleaning supplies.

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Meadow Vista Honey Wines encourages the consumption of local, sustainable products. They believe bees are a critical part of our ecosystem, and they strive to increase the awareness of bees and local beekeepers. A unique bee tour is designed to educate visitors about the farm, the bees and the Mead making process. They encourage visitors to purchase local honey-either from your local market, grocery store or direct from the beekeeper.

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Full List of Committed Entities

Global Biosphere Example

Abadal is a Winery and Vineyard located in Barcelona, Spain that successfully connects wine, tourism, biodiversity and heritage. They are paying special attention to maintaining a living soil by applying an active microbiology, minimizing compaction and enhancing root structure. They are making continued efforts in lowering the ecological impact and sustaining a healthy ecosystem. They offer a special agri-tourism experience with a farmer’s breakfast paired with Abadal wines, where they educate the visitor on their roots within the wine culture and their sustainable practices.

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SDG 12: Responsible production and consumption

There are many sustainable activities large and small you could take action on. Below are some tips for you to improve responsible production and consumption.

1. Prioritize the consumption of local and sustainable products/services

2. Maximize recycling of waste

3. Educate employees and customers

  • Create a section on your business website showcasing your sustainable practices
  • Create signage or shareable information to educate customers & employees

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