Council adopts new Official Community Plan for Lake Country

Lake Country, BC – Tuesday, July 2 an updated Official Community Plan (OCP) was adopted by Lake Country Council for the district municipality. The OCP is intended to provide a 20-year vision for the community – until the year 2038; and will be updated every five years in addition to periodic updates and amendments as required.

The updated OCP is the product of several years of community consultation, research and review by Council, staff, specialist consultants and the public. Input was gathered from the community through creative public engagement events including an On Point: Choosing Our Future Lake Country event and other pop-in and listen events at multiple locations during 2017, stakeholder group outreach and a Citizen OCP Workshop, the award winning “Frog Talks”, surveys and finally, the 2019 public hearing process.

“Council is very pleased with the level of participation and consultation that went in to preparing the updated document,” said Mayor James Baker. “The community was very interested in providing input on important topics such as tree removal, rural character, growth management, sand and gravel extraction, housing, and Main Street town centre as well as short-term accommodations.”

The following guiding principles identified by the community, direct the development and decision making through the OCP:

  • Preserve our rural and agricultural character
  • Create a vibrant town centre
  • Promote development in existing neighbourhoods
  • Achieve sustainable development through smart growth
  • Protect and enhance our natural environment
  • Facilitate an active, healthy, inclusive community
  • Maintain high-quality municipal services.

“It’s great to see the high level of engagement from the community,” said Mark Koch, Director of Community Development. “Including more creative feedback opportunities allowed the project team to connect with the community in more meaningful ways.”

The OCP is a statement of objectives and policies used to guide all decisions on planning and land use management within Lake Country. It includes statements about density of residential development to meet anticipated housing needs over the next five years; plus commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural, recreational and public utility land uses for future needs. It considers approximate location and phasing of major road, sewer and water systems and sets out objectives for development to meet municipal water conservation, energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction targets. Since its incorporation in 1995, Lake Country has grown from a population of just over 9,200 with 3,562 residential units to over 14,000 with 6,277 residential units in 2016 on the approximate 122 km2 of land area. Approximately 64% of the District is identified as being environmentally sensitive and residents have expressed a desire to protect these areas with development focused away from environmentally sensitive areas. Focusing most growth to the Urban Containment Boundary is a key principle of the Lake Country growth management strategy, which seeks to balance providing suitable land for well-planned growth while maintaining the integrity of the rural lands.

The new plan cited as “Official Community Plan (2018-2038) Bylaw 1065, 2018” replaces the OCP Bylaw 750, 2010 and its amendments which were also repealed Tuesday evening.


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Mayor James Baker
Mark Koch, Director of Community Development, District of Lake Country
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