Local car rental company adds Tesla Model 3 to fleet

Okanagan Valley based Tesla rental company Power Trips adds Tesla Model 3 -the world’s most popular electric car-to its fleet

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Vernon, July 4, 2019:

Things are moving forward for Power Trips Tesla Rentals, a Vernon-based car rental
company that opened February 2017. Power Trips rents Tesla vehicles exclusively and,
until now, has boasted a small fleet of Tesla Model S — the world’s quickest sedan, that
also happens to be 100% electric. Due to overwhelming requests for the Model 3, Power
Trips took delivery of their first Tesla Model 3 and hopes to add more in the very near
future. (picture attached)

“The Tesla Model 3 is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, and the closest place to
the Okanagan Valley to test-drive one is in Vancouver or Calgary” said Power Trip’s
owner, Ryan Silverthorn. “We were overwhelmed with requests from tourists, locals and
electric-vehicle enthusiasts looking to rent a Model 3 and try it out for a few days. Lots
of people have never driven an electric vehicle and want to see if it will fit their lifestyle
before purchasing.”

When we started the company, we expected to see a lot of 24 hour rentals from tourists.
The company does see a lot of business from tourism, but has been surprised with how
many locals have taken the car for five, six or seven days to really understand what it
means to own and drive electric.

“People love the cars. They are almost always shocked and surprised by their own love
for the car, and also their performance and ease of use. People love Tesla. It’s why we
are here” said Silverthorn.

The Tesla Model 3 is now available for rent, along with the rest of Power Trip’s Tesla
fleet, at PowerTrips.ca. The entire rental process is done online and the car is delivered
directly to a meeting location of your choice, where a staff member meets you for a full
orientation of the car.

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