Christina Lake is the Official Pickleball Capital of Canada

Christina Gateway Community Development Association announces Federal approval of official trademark designation

Christina Lake, BC – June 20, 2019 – Today, Christina Gateway Community Development Association (“Gateway”) announced the approval from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for Christina Lake’s trademark designation of Pickleball Capital of Canada.

Donna Wilchynski of Gateway has been working on the trademark project, Christina Lake, Pickleball Capital of Canada since August of 2017 and is proud to announce the success of the application for the trademark ownership which is currently advertised in Volume 66 of the Canadian Trademark Journal as part of the approval process.

With the support of Christina Lake’s Elected Official Grace McGregor, Wilchynski presented the project to the Christina Lake Parks and Recreation Commission who was excited to jump on board as it ties into their mandate to bring recreation programs to the Lake. “The award of this designation is an incredible opportunity to promote recreation in Christina Lake and will benefit the community as a whole,” said Parks and Recreation Manager Tom Sprado. Sprado went on to inform that “the Christina Lake Parks and Recreation is also completing the expansion of the Christina Lake pickleball courts by adding three more play areas, so this ties in quite nicely as the courts will be ready for play in about a week”.
Christina Lake’s Elected Official Grace McGregor is quick to point out that “owning the trademark, Pickleball Capital of Canada is another anchor strengthening Christina Lake’s place on the map. I am quite pleased that, not only does this project promote recreation and the health and wellness of Christina Lake residents, it will also benefit visitors who come
to play and will be a great spin-off economically for local businesses.”

Gateway’s President Nola Delaye agrees, “We have an incredible group of people here who are working very hard promoting pickleball in Christina Lake, this designation will give them the momentum to promote far and wide.” Donna Wilchynski went on to say her focus and mission is always to find ways for her community to benefit from the shoulder seasons and offering pickleball is a way to bring people to the Lake. “Christina Lake has the option of having tournaments in the spring, summer and fall so it sure is a win-win, residents, visitors and businesses will indeed benefit”. Wilchynski also added how excited she is to work with the Christina Lake Pickleball Club, “they are a phenomenal group of dedicated people”.


About Christina Lake
Christina Lake is located halfway across the southern edge of British Columbia, just north of the Washington State border. Plenty of sunshine, four full seasons, and mild temperatures make Christina Lake an ideal environment for those who love the outdoors with hectares of wilderness that create plentiful opportunities for recreation. Christina Lake is the warmest tree lined lake in Canada due to hot springs deep in the lake. Years of volunteer work by local residents have created a community which is enlightened on environmental and social concerns, and yet maintains an intrinsically small-town quality which is cherished by locals and visitors alike.

About Christina Gateway Community Development Association (Gateway)
Working for the benefit of Christina Lake, BC, Gateway’s purpose is to promote and improve the economic, civic and social welfare of Christina Lake. Gateway works on broad-based concerns by promoting and strengthening community development and collaboration by stewarding community and area resources, maintaining ongoing development and implementation of community economic development programs and promoting community activities and businesses with the goal of increasing economic viability.

For More Information contact Gateway: Donna Wilchynski | (250) 447-6165 |

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