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Gearing Up for the Summer with SuperHost

As we enter the busy summer season, what are you doing to ensure your front-line employees have the proper training to meet – and exceed – customer expectations?

It was a year ago when go2HR re-launched the SuperHost suite of customer service training. To-date, close to 5,000 certificates were issued, and more than 510 classroom sessions were held. Are you and your staff aware of the value SuperHost training brings to your workplace?

The SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality course introduces the principles of providing a quality service experience in a workplace, and provides an understanding of the importance of exceptional customer service. It touches on workplace communication, problem solving, customer and employer expectations, and more.

Launched in February, Service For All makes a great add-on to any in-house training programs or as a follow-up from Foundations of Service Quality. Participants learn about expectations and practices around specific customer groups, including but not limited to different generations, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ/2S people, Indigenous peoples, and visitors from different ethnic backgrounds.

The easiest way to get certified is via online training. It’s flexible, participants can study at their own pace, and it’s accessible from anywhere with internet access. Classroom training is also available for Foundations of Service Quality, and is recommended for groups of 10 or more.

If you are looking for industry-specific training for front-line staff, look no further than SuperHost. There are different ways to take SuperHost training. Contact Andrea Hinck at ahinck@go2hr.ca or 604 633 9787 ext. 225 today to learn more!

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