Manic Monday – Crisis Management – Proper Communication is a Priority 

Midnight Musings from our CEO

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes over the past few years by members of BC’s Emergency Management team in British Columbia. One component of their focus has been finding ways of improving the flow of information and communications to ensure that everyone has access to details about an emergency situation and that they are as accurate and timely as possible.

One of our key challenges during past fire and flood seasons has been the often over dramatization and sensationalism of messaging, through a variety of media sources. Last summer, our team listened in horror as one Vancouver radio station indicated to their listeners that the situation in the “Okanagan” was dire and the travellers should rethink their plans for the weekend, to cancel and avoid the area. On that particular July weekend, nothing could have been farther from the truth. We did contact the station manager and they, in turn, retracted their comments but the damage, by then, had been done.

Without question, it is critical that everyone is kept safe and informed during emergencies that affect any part of our province; places to avoid; highway closures; campfire bans; backcountry conditions… the list goes on. But we also have a responsibility to tell travellers where they can travel to, what areas are unaffected, what routes are open and connect them to the many places they can and should continue to go to and enjoy their vacation.  Part of ensuring that this happens is to work much closer with our media partners, keeping them in check as they deliver their news stories.

The announcement last week, providing funding assistance for tourism Crisis Management Coordinators in our regions, will enable us to begin to do just that; work to get the right information into the traveller’s hands as quickly as possible and help our Tourism Stakeholders who are unaffected continue to welcome guests.

We are very pleased in our TOTA office that Rob Grifone, is taking on this role and in the coming weeks and months, you will hear more about this position.

Our sincerest thanks to Hon. Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture for the continued support in assisting both the province and the regions with Emergency Management.

Glenn Mandziuk, TOTA President & CEO


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