Expedia Presents: Generation Alpha and Family Travel Trends

How the world’s youngest generation is influencing family travel

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  • BORN AFTER 2010 and known as the children of Millennials, the first generation born entirely within the 21st century
  • DIGITAL NATIVES growing up with Instagram and the iPad (which both also debuted in 2010), this generation are already tech power-users
  • WILL REACH NEARLY 2 BILLION by the time the last of this generation is born in 2025, with 2.5 million born around the world every week
  • CULTURAL & ECONOMIC IMPACT of Alphas and Gen Z are expected to be equal to that of their parents or older siblings, the Millennials
  • GREAT POTENTIAL as Alphas are expected to be the most formally-educated, longest-living and wealthiest generation


  • On average globally, travellers with Gen Alphas are taking more than three family trips per year
  • Most Trips are domestic for those with Gen Alphas, whether travelling as a family or without kids
  • Family friendly fun for all, kid-friendly entertainment and safety drive family travel decisions
  • When it comes to family travel, experience beats expense
  • Entertainment when travelling also includes device time for Gen Alphas
  • Plane and Car are preferred modes of transportation for family travel

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