Hiring? Take advantage of the ConnexionsFrancophones Virtual Job Fair on May 16

ConnexionsFrancophones.ca is a virtual job fair to connect skilled professionals with potential employers in various sectors. These 150 professionals come from all around the world and have already obtained their unique identification number (CUI) or confirmation of permanent residency (CPR) from the Canadian government. They all possess the qualifications recognized in their respective fields in Canada, thus making the recruitment process easier for companies who are looking for international candidates. Most of the candidates are bilingual, often trilingual, and have a post-secondary or university degrees and are willing to work and live in Canada.

For many employers, the benefits of this job fair are:

  • The possibility to recruit at no financial cost or additional obligations;
  • The ability to recruit from the comfort of your office;
  • The opportunity to increase your organizations talent pool of qualified candidates;
  • The occasion to promote your brand name and business internationally;
  • The opportunity to add diversity among your employees and also recruit for harder to fill positions.

There are no costs and no obligations for employers, other than the participation of a HR representative or talent recruiter during the date of the fair on May 16, 2019.

Learn more at https://www.go2hr.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/ConnexionsFrancophones_EN.pdf

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