SilverStar’s SEISMIC spring festival a massive success say organizers

SEISMIC spring mountain festival at SilverStar Mountain Resort was a resounding success say organizers.

The 10-day festival took place between March 22-31 and featured over $50,000 in prizes to athletes, daily concerts and the Winterland tasting event.

“We definitely plan to do the festival again next year. It was such a great opportunity to showcase SilverStar Mountain Resort and everything we have to offer as your favourite local ski resort,” said said Chantelle Deacon, media relations manager, SilverStar.

The festival’s main attraction proved to be the Winterland tasting event, which brought out hundreds of people excited to try craft wines, beers, ciders and more.

“Winterland was one of our main events planned during Seismic, and it proved to be just as successful as we hoped it would be,” said Deacon.

“We plan to bring this event back again next year, even bigger and better.”

SilverStar Mountain resort will be open for spring skiing until April 7.

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