Riverside Adventures finds new owner

Business sold to new owner Sam Charvet

After nearly three decades of operation a Clearwater rafting business has changed hands, going under new ownership late last year.

Riverside Adventures, formerly owned by Robert and Liana Beaudry, has been sold to new owner Sam Charvet, who bought the business last December.

“After (almost) 30 years of rafting on this river the timing was good to pass it on to somebody 30 years younger than us; it’s time to pass the torch and we may have time to finally enjoy a summer off after (so many) years at it,” said Robert Beaudry.

“We started here in 1991 and it’s been a good go.”

Beaudry is a lifelong rafting enthusiast, having participated with the national white water rafting team in the 1980s and working as a raft guide in different provinces and territories from the Yukon to his home province of Quebec, before he and his wife began looking for a place to settle down and start a business.

He said Clearwater had a warmer climate than places he’d previously been and the clean, pristine water of the area made for a nice fit.

Now that he’s sold Riverside Adventures, he added he wants to stress the fact it’s only the rafting business that’s being sold and the Riverside Fitness Centre, located at the same address of 58-F Young Rd., will continue under his ownership.

“We want to make sure that everyone knows that’s not sold, we’re (he and Liana) still active at the fitness centre and the vacation rentals on the Clearwater River,” Beaudry said.

“We have to help Sam for the first year and make sure he’s comfortable with the business; I’ll still be on the river guiding, but not as an owner, just as a consultant and helping with the transition.”

Charvet, whose wife is a nurse, has two children and said his young family is looking forward to moving to Clearwater and becoming a big part of the community.

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