Wine and Cheese “The Perfect Pairing”

Creating Wine with Cheese Pairings Like a Pro

It’s a classic pairing – wine and cheese. But, do all wines go with all cheeses? The simple answer is no. Sure, you can enjoy any wine with any cheese but to get the most out of your cheese and your wine, you need to consider several things.

Just like wines, cheeses have complex flavour profiles and compositional nuances. They also come in a variety of textures which will change the mouthfeel and how long the flavour lingers. These all need to be considered when pairing them with a wine.

In a perfect pairing, the combination of the wine and cheese shifts the gastronomic experience from what you would taste and feel with each element individually. There is a craft to discovering these magical combinations.

Luckily, there are a few tricks to the trade and we’re sharing them in our Wine and Cheese ‘The Perfect Pairing’ Experience at the Great Estates Okanagan Wine Experience Centre in Penticton.

In this 60-minute session, you learn the essential skills to put together a truly harmonious wine and cheese pairing. We’ll sample a variety of wines (red, white and dessert-style) along with a selection of fine cheeses. Discover the secret to pulling out the nuttiness of a Gran Padano, complementing the creaminess of a Brie, or softening the power of a Blue cheese.

Join us for the extraordinary experience and prepare to wow your friends and family when you host a next-level wine and cheese party.

Every Saturday and Sunday at noon at the Great Estates Okanagan Wine Experience Centre in Penticton.

Ends April 28th

Book now as space is limited to 10 guests per session.

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