Golfers soak up the sun on opening day at Rivershore

It’s the first official day of spring, and what better way to take in the season than to pull out the golf clubs and hit the links.

Rivershore Golf Link was the first major course in Kamloops to book tee times on Wednesday (Mar 20), bringing out members and the public to enjoy the beautiful weather.

“After being hibernated for four months, it’s fabulous,” noted member Rob Spence on day one. “It’s going to be a lot of fun. We have people wandering out there and playing golf. It’s great.”

“Winter was brutal, the month of February,” said member Eva Anderson. “We were very anxious to get out here this year.”

Fellow member Randy Chan said “it’s been great. The weather’s been fantastic. The golf course is in good shape.”

With temperatures getting close to 20 degrees on Wednesday, among the warmest opening days the golfers have experienced, some rocked the shorts.

“Yeah, I’ve got shorts on today,” said Anderson with a smile. “People think we’re really nuts, but we’re allowed to be. We are nuts.”

A Mar. 20 opening is earlier than most of the country, but somewhat late for Kamloops, which has been spoiled in year’s past with February openings.

Gerry Allford is enjoying the spring-like conditions, visiting B.C. from Winnipeg, where winter is still very much alive.

“In Winnipeg, the snow’s still three or four feet deep, so we haven’t seen any green anywhere yet,” said Allford. “It’ll be awhile before we golf there. But this is nice here. This is beautiful. It’s in good shape.”

The players are working off some rust while having fun in the sun. They’re also keeping a close eye on their scores. But mostly, they’re just happy to be out playing.

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