Wine industry maps future

The B.C. wine industry is looking a decade into the future.

On the heels of the BC Wine Industry Insight Conference in Penticton this week, the BC Wine Institute has unveiled WineBC2030—a long-term strategic plan for the sector.

The conference at the Lakeside Resort brought together 200 stakeholders and speakers to provide a forward-looking overview of the industry. WineBC2030 is the cumulation of 18 months of work in creating a 10-year strategic plan.

“In a rapidly evolving environment, the global wine industry is changing at an unprecedented rate,” said Miles Prodan, president and CEO of the BC Wine Institute. “WineBC2030 is about coordinating efforts to provide a vibrant future for the next generation of farmers and winemakers to thrive.”

The plan aims to keep production in line with demand, support the next generation of farmers and winemakers, increase margins and coordinate efforts such as marketing.

More than 30 meetings at 12 locations worldwide went into the development of the plan.

“There was an incredible amount of industry engagement throughout the planning process. The intention was to create an environment of transparency, accountability and engagement to work collaboratively and to listen and learn from the industry in order to build a plan that will serve this industry and the goals going forward,” Prodan said.

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