Manic Monday – Print is not Dead…in fact, it is actually back…

Midnight Musings from our CEO

As we get ever closer to the near the end of the sales period for our Annual TOTA Regional Tourism Guide – Route 97, I am very encouraged by the support of over 100 of our stakeholders, large and small, who are committed to this program and recognize the long term and important potential of the Route 97 initiative.

For those who may still be of the opinion that “print is dead” others, such as online giant, Mediaplanet say not true. The sentiment that print is dying has been quickly changing and many well-respected media outlets suggest that print is not only back but it is also a better way to ensure your message is heard. Quite simply put, print had to find it’s rightful place within the media spectrum, and it has done so and done it effectively.

In a direct quote from The Columbia Journalism Review, print  is now emerging as the “new media.”  Their article sites that print has shown to be the right choice as it

  1. Cuts through the clutter
  2. Is tangible
  3. Fits a  strong component of a diverse, cross-platform strategy
  4. Is beautiful
  5. and …. Print is now novel

We have definitely witnessed the resurgence of print with the Route 97 publication as it continues to be oversubscribed in our visitor centres not only in this province but throughout North Central Washington. In the words of many visitor counsellors …” it flies off the shelf”.

It is also important to understand why our region has this campaign. Route 97, is the longest north-south corridor in North America and the Interiors’ north to Alaska option for travellers. Our Route 97 program encourages visitors to make the choice to travel through this area of British Columbia, providing suggestions to explore the region and providing many optional loops and routes that can and will enhance their trip. The intention is to continue to motivate travellers to move away from the more well known I5 corridor and offer up a multitude of reasons to travel inland instead.

For those that have made the choice to participate; Outstanding!  We believe in this campaign and its ability to drive traffic to our region. For those that are not yet involved we encourage you to relook at this opportunity before we go to print. Route 97 –  2019 will have a new look and feel with more area maps and suggested experiences and itineraries which we know is sure to have an even greater response from our travellers.

 Print is not Dead…in fact, it is actually back…


Glenn Mandziuk, TOTA President & CEO


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