Movie Trilogy filmed in the South Okanagan at local vineyard

‘Valentine in the Vineyard’ Was Filmed at River Stone Winery

In a live Facebook interview with the Hallmark Channel, Rachael Leigh Cook shared that the movie, Valentine in the Vineyard, was filmed at Riverstone Winery.

The movie was filmed at River Stone Winery in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. This is where the previous two movies were filmed too. So yes, the beloved Sorrento Farms winery in the movie is actually River Stone Winery.

Cook told TV Insider about the filming location: ”It’s unbelievable up there. It’s so beautiful.”

She said it was a delight working with the cute llama again too. “This movie was the best he’s ever behaved! The funniest part of filming is when we’re going to rehearse and the director tells us where we’re going to stand and what the llama is supposed to do. We just laugh because that’s never what happens. I’m trying to lure this llama with his favorite snacks but the whole world is food if you’re llama, so it doesn’t really work.”

The movies are filmed around Oliver and Osoyoos, Oliver Chronicle wrote in 2016. The beauty of River Stone Estate Winery has made it a mainstay filming location for all three movies. In 2016, the crew worked about 12.5 hours a day, and fictional signs are installed for the movie itself. During the first film, River Stone kept its winery shop open for the filming and customers loved getting a behind-the-scenes look at what was happening. At one point, they needed smoke as a prop, and a neighbor thought the place was in trouble and showed up to help.

The second movie took six days to film, Osoyoos Today reported, and GK Farm on Osoyoos’s East Ranch was also part of the filming. Christina Ollson, the production location manager, said: “The reason we came to this area was for the beautiful vista of lush, rolling vineyards and desert-like mountains.”

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