Expedia Presents: How Younger Generations are Shaping the Future of Travel

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  • Up to $143 billion in buying power
  • Largest generation by 2020
  • Entering the workforce or early in their professional career
  • Constantly connected – more than half use their smartphone 5+ hours per day
  • Social media is an important communication platform – more than 50% use Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Some Key Highlights Include:

    • Gen Z already taking almost as many trips as Millennials
    • Gen Z travels right, taking extended vacations
    • Two thirds are destination indecisive
    • Younger generations are open to destination inspiration
    • More likely to travel domestically
    • Relaxing, Sightseeing and family vacations rank high
    • Travel Deals and Value are important
    • Activities and experiences get to the heart of travel decisions
    • Ads can be influential
    • Appealing deals and imagery most influential
    • Smartphone usage high, especially in inspiration phase

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