TOTA Achieves Biosphere Certified Destination Gold Status

The Thompson Okanagan was awarded Biosphere Certified Destination GOLD status by the Responsible Tourism Institute this week.  This distinction recognizes not only tourism sustainability developed from the Biosphere certification but the work made to extend this commitment to the tourism companies and services of the destination. The Thompson Okanagan becomes the third destination in the world to receive it.

The Gold category is acquired after an audit process and it requires that, in addition to the Biosphere certification of the destination itself, there must be work on the involvement of companies within the destination which obtain the Biosphere Committed Entity seal.

TOTA has been pioneer in promoting good practices in sustainable management of tourism businesses and their recognition through a distinctive, for the development of sustainable tourism from an integral perspective and collective work. Currently, more than 50 companies and tourist services from the Thompson Okanagan have committed to beginning the Biosphere certification.

Biosphere Certification

The Thompson Okanagan region obtained the Biosphere Certification in November 2017 as a sustainable tourism destination whose aim is to comply with the requirements of the “Biosphere Destination” standard.

The certification implies assuming the principles of sustainable management, economic and social development, conservation and improvement of cultural heritage, environmental conservation, quality and safety, as well as visitor involvement. At the same time, the Biosphere Destination seal allows the improvement of the positioning and international promotion of the tourist marks of the Thompson Okanagan in terms of sustainability and responsibility.

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