Manic Monday – Eleven Years to Turn our World Around

Midnight Musings from our CEO

Some of the smartest minds have made it very clear;  “We have 11 years in which we must make dramatic changes to our behaviors in order to keep our world alive”; literally.  As the earth heats up, glaciers melt and the oceans temperature increase the scientific world has stated that warming must be capped at 1.5 degrees.

In Canada, we may think we are protected from the predicted catastrophic events which some parts of the world may experience but be certain we will be affected.

What we can do as Canadians may seem to be minuscule when we look at the challenge that faces countries around the globe but the only way this works is if everyone takes responsibility.

One speaker I heard recently suggested we employ “World War II” tactics which would stress the seriousness of the situation. Canadians at home during this war took an active role in supporting the war effort even though they were far from the front lines.

For our part, TOTA’s work in sustainable responsible tourism development and delivery is our first step in actioning on this critical issue. We are taking steps in our work with stakeholders and partners and in our own day to day activities. We encourage you to learn more and work with us on building awareness, changing behavior and showing support.

Take it seriously or ignore the warnings; either way, it appears the debate is going to be ending soon and we will all know how this story ends. 2030; it is just 11 years away and a very short time to turn this world around.

Here are a few things to consider as the world gets warmer;


Staying Connected with TOTA….

With the New Year Upon us we want to take this time to thank all of our Tourism Stakeholders, Tourism Partners and Communities for all of your support in 2018. It has been a year of change, challenge, reward, and success for our tourism industry as we dealt with everything from politics to pipelines and floods to fire.

If you have been working with us in the past we once again want to thank you and invite you to get involved with TOTA in 2019. Here are but a few important opportunities that I encourage you to consider;

  • Become involved in our Biosphere Program (read more)
  • Participate in the Route97 Initiatives including both Print and Online (read more)
  • Obtain and Utilize Big Data research through our Symphony Partner (read more)
  • Nov 12-15, 2019 – Save the date for the 2019 TOTA AGM and Summit which will take place as part of International Indigenous Tourism Conference (IITC) and Indigenous Tourism British Columbia’s (ITBC)
  • Put your business forward to our Trade and Media teams to host regional familiarization trips during the course of the year – contact Carla Young ( or Ingrid Dilschneider (
  • Watch for news on regional events scheduled throughout the year (read more)
  • We are all stronger together and we look forward to working closely with all of our stakeholders and partners in 2019

Keep following and contributing to TOTA’s Facebook and Twitter sites throughout the week; send us your stories, photos, events and remarkable experiences. Make sure the industry knows what is happening around our region and keep us updated on your road to sustainability, check out for more information.  Be sure to use #route97 and #explorebc when posting your tourism shots and stories.

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