Manic Monday – Take Time to Find the Joy in the Season

Midnight Musings from our CEO

If you are reading this today December 24th, you are either likely very organized for the holidays and enjoying some well-deserved “relaxation”  or are ignoring the fact that you have so much to do before the events of tonight and tomorrow that you don’t know where to start.

For many of us, this is the last day to get all the things done that we had planned to do for several weeks. This is the last minute shopping, which invariably means buying things that cost more than we intended as we realize we had forgotten that one person or one special item.  Usually, today involves trying to be in several places at the same time, trying to make any number of friends or family happy, and all the while not necessarily having much time or fun ourselves.

The Christmas Season is stressful for many, many people and emotional for so many others. This time of year brings out the very best and the very saddest of memories and few, if any of us, get through this life without experiencing both. The excitement and wonder that, in turn, can mean expectations and disappointment.  The ever-present financial concerns as we see our spending take on a “life of its own” and the fun that comes with handling the many family dynamics. There is the love of those around us and the memories of those who are here no longer.

This Christmas my wish for all of you as you go through the holidays is that you can find joy in the season in whatever way it presents itself.

And if by chance you find yourself taking part in the dreaded last minute shopping, remember a smile can mean so much not only to those around you but it will help your spirits be a bit merrier as well…

From all of us at the TOTA team to you – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Staying Connected with TOTA…

With the holiday season upon us we want to take this time to thank all of our Tourism Stakeholders, Tourism Partners and Communities for all of your support in 2018. It has been a year of change, challenge, reward, and success for our tourism industry as we dealt with everything from politics to pipelines and floods to fire.

If you have been working with us in the past we once again want to thank you and invite you to get involved with TOTA in 2019. Here are but a few important opportunities that I encourage you to consider;

  • Become involved in our Biosphere Program (read more)
  • Participate in the Route97 Initiatives including both Print and Online (read more)
  • Obtain and Utilize Big Data research through our Symphony Partner (read more)
  • Nov 12-15, 2019 – Save the date for the 2019 TOTA AGM and Summit which will take place as part of International Indigenous Tourism Conference (IITC) and Indigenous Tourism British Columbia’s (ITBC)
  • Put your business forward to our Trade and Media teams to host regional familiarization trips during the course of the year – contact Carla Young ( or Ingrid Dilschneider  (
  • Watch for news on regional events scheduled throughout the year (read more)
  • We are all stronger together and we look forward to working closely with all of our stakeholders and partners in 2019

Keep following and contributing to TOTA’s Facebook and Twitter sites throughout the week; send us your stories, photos, events and remarkable experiences. Make sure the industry knows what is happening around our region and keep us updated on your road to sustainability, check out for more information.  Be sure to use #route97 and #explorebc when posting your tourism shots and stories.

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