First company in North America to introduce Finland's biodegradable containers

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Sustainability in Packaging

Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm is a 4th generation family farm located in Kelowna, that has been working towards a more sustainable model for a number of years. This week they became the first company in North America to import a new biodegradable wood chip container from Finland to present four of their premium products created with their award winning, farm grown and distilled essential oils.

Last winter they travelled to a sustainable packaging conference in Los Angeles with high expectations for sourcing sustainable packaging. While the trade show was a disappointing display of plastic in its many forms, the seminars were well worth the trip and the one on sustainability inspired the team.

Captivated by a biodegradable container produced from wood chips and created by a forward-thinking environmental enterprise that seemed to be a perfect fit for their goals, they returned to Kelowna and reached out to the company in Finland.

After eleven months, the first shipment arrived on Tuesday and they started filling the containers immediately. Working towards this goal, has been an incredible experience, as the farm is the first company in North America to receive these 100% biodegradable and micro-plastic free containers.  The arrival was peppered with excitement as in the first week of December, the French luxury house, Chanel announced it was investing in the company!

While Finnish Sulapac is a company in its infancy, the long-term goal is to achieve a licensing model that allows others to use their patented process. Ultimately this means that companies currently producing plastic containers made by injection molding or extrusion will be able to produce containers in their own facilities and in the near future, these containers could be made in BC. Forests and the forestry industry surround us in BC, imagine a BC company working in plastics and adapting to wood products – seems like a natural!

The McFaddens decided to take a risk, believing that if they introduced Sulapac containers to our country and created a desire amongst other companies looking for sustainable packaging, a BC plastic manufacturing company might be willing to explore the licensing arrangement with Sulapac.  Sulapac’s founders are committed to reducing the amount of plastics produced from packaging around the world. They don’t actually want to supply as much as they want to encourage the use of their patented process.

Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm is located in South Kelowna. While the farm retail is now closed for the winter, the on-line store is open year-round and their new biodegradable line is available there.  You’ll find them here:

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