My Way or the High Way: Managing Cannabis Use and Impairment by Employees

Attend this webinar on Dec. 6 to learn to respond recreational cannabis use by employees

Recreational cannabis is now legalized, leaving many organizations concerned about their workplace obligations, particularly where impairment is suspected. go2HR is pleased to offer this webinar on Dec. 6, which will provide business owners, managers, supervisors and HR professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to the use of recreational cannabis by employees. This webinar features Harris & Co. LLP lawyer Brad Cocke as our speaker.

During the session, Brad will discuss:

  • Cannabis basics – from recreational drug to prescription medicine
  • How to react when you suspect an employee is impaired at work
  • How to conduct an effective investigation
  • Appropriate responses – whether to discipline or accommodate
  • How to draft and introduce effective policies

Cost: $49.00. Register here to guarantee your spot.

Speaker: Brad Cocke, Harris & Co. LLP – Brad assists public and private sector employers with labour, employment, human rights, and workers’ compensation matters. In particular, he advises employers with respect to grievances, picketing activity, and collective agreement interpretations as they relate to day-to-day operations.

Why should you attend the webinar?

  • Enhance your overall understanding of legalized cannabis;
  • Learn how to draft appropriate impairment policies for your workplace;
  • Be effective when introducing and enforcing impairment policies;
  • Understand how to manage impairment at work, from recognizing the signs to knowing how to respond;
  • Consider different potential scenarios involving recreational cannabis use;
  • Ask questions specific to your business;
  • Fulfill your annual OHS training entitlement as part of the JHSC;
  • Work towards completing your professional development requirements as a health and safety professional;
  • Work towards the required seven hours of professional development as a certified COR Internal Auditor; and
  • Reserve your place, invite your colleagues to join you and participate in the webinar together.

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