Welcome to the South Okanagan, Snowbirds!

Canadian Snowbirds – Flying South to the Beach

At Watermark we know that “senior” has a whole new meaning these days. No longer are retirees relegated to boring, quiet winters, bundled up to keep out the cold.

Our mature guests are active and engaged. Watermark snowbirds are a vibrant part of the Osoyoos community!

Find out why more and more Canadians are choosing to make the most of winter in this sunny South Okanagan desert playground.

Seasonal rentals at excellent rates. A beautiful, well-appointed facility in an excellent location. A multitude of activities for every interest and energy level. A community of like-minded people ready to befriend.

Watermark Beach Resort is the ideal place to spend the “season”! Contact us to book your winter getaway to the Beach.

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