Manic Monday – This year we all need to do more than just Remember

Midnight Musings from our CEO

As I watched the commemoration activities this November 11th, marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, I was proud to bear witness to the number of Canadians who took the time to take part in Remembrance Day events, held from coast to coast to coast.

It was reassuring to see the continued recognition of the efforts of so many who served this country in the “war to end all wars”, which sadly was followed by so many other battles, battles that continue to this day.

It is hard to believe the selflessness of these individuals who fought on our behalf for a future we take for granted and a future so many of them did not live to see. Their willingness to leave behind family and friends and the comfort and safety of home;  to realize horrific carnage, put themselves into harm’s way,  march shoulder to shoulder with strangers, for the ideals of a nation,  is a truly sobering thought and one that must never be forgotten.

I am also however reminded that we must do so much more than just show up on Remembrance Day. If as a nation we are truly committed to the memory of those brave men and women who fought our battles and won our freedoms, then we have an obligation to show up for them every day.

We need to truly reconcile our differences and build that Canada that most of them could only have imagined. We have to take it upon ourselves to get involved, to get educated on our countries issues and to work together to better the lives of all Canadians. Whether you choice to take on homelessness, hunger, access to clean water, education, mental health, ensuring inclusiveness, or the host of other challenges plaguing our country each of us taking responsibility can make a difference and only then will we truly honour our soldiers.  Volunteer, vote, learn, get involved.

This year we all need to do more than just Remember


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