Sockeye by the thousands

In a scene that has played out for countless centuries, thousands of sockeye salmon are making their way from the Pacific Ocean to spawning grounds deep in the B.C. Interior.

It is a one-way trip for the large red fish as they die either en route to the spawning grounds of soon after spawning.

The Adams River attracts thousands of people during the course of the salmon run which is expected to peak between Sept. 28 and Oct. 21.

The Salute to the Sockeye takes place during the dominant year of the four-year cycle with the parking lot near the spawning grounds taking on a carnival-like atmosphere with vendors and information kiosks set up.

But the real stars of the event are the fish.

People can get within a few metres of the salmon as they make their way upstream, but viewing areas are strictly controlled so as not to disturb the fish or their spawning grounds.

Hundreds of thousands of sockeye are expected to make the 500-kilometre trip from the ocean to the Shuswap area.

Sockeye have played a vital role for First Nations for thousands of years and continue to do so.

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