On a First Name Basis by Norm Foster

A Many Hats Theatre Production - November 8 to December 1

For the final production in Many Hats’ eleventh season we’ve picked a classic Norm Foster play that not only has a great message but also contains the brilliant dialogue and hilarious twists that Canada’s most produced playwright is known for!

On a First Name Basis  tells the story of David Kilbride (Eric Hanston) a successful but cantankerous, novelist who is surprised to discover that he knows nothing about his housekeeper of 28 years, Lucy Hopperstaad (Jane Pilkey) who, on the other hand, knows absolutely everything about him!

Over some good Single Malt David makes it his mission to learn all he can about Lucy in a most engaging conversation. With revelations that are surprising, funny, and extremely moving, playwright Foster unfolds a heartwarming and hilarious story as only he can!

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