Destination Canada: July 2018 Tourism Snapshot

A Monthly Monitor of the Performance of Canada’s Tourism Industry

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Key Highlights Include:

• With 11.8 million visitors year-to-date July 2018 (+1.0%), global overnight arrivals to Canada surpassed the previous peak established in 2017. Overnight arrivals from Destination Canada’s ten international markets eased up +0.7% YTD following a slight drop in July (-0.8%), caused by significant contractions in July air arrivals via the US from all markets except India.

• Continuing from the storyline in June, the July 2018 overnight arrivals results showed two contrasting trends, with the impact of buoyant growth in air arrivals direct from overseas being restrained across all Destination Canada markets by steep declines in air arrivals via the US, except for India. In July 2018, China and Japan were the only markets to sustain contractions in air arrivals both direct from overseas and via the US.

• Year-to-date July 2018, the largest growth among Destination Canada’s long-haul markets was achieved by India (+8.1%), Germany (+6.8%), France (+5.5%), China (+5.0%) and Mexico (+2.8%), where continued growth in direct air arrivals outpaced double-digit
contractions in air arrivals via the US over the first seven months of the year.

• The United Kingdom continued its downward trend, driven primarily by a strong decline in air arrivals via the US (-16.7% YTD) and land crossing arrivals (-28.0% YTD), which offset gains in direct air arrivals (+1.8%). Interestingly, total cruise arrivals were up +18.6% yearover-year, bringing the total number of cruise passengers from the UK just behind Australia, the largest long-haul cruise market to Canada.

• The decline in arrivals via the US continued to drag Australian arrivals deeper in the red (-7.0%) over the first seven months of 2018, as total cruise (-13.4%)as well as air (-12.2%) and land (-15.8%) arrivals via the US, together outpaced an uptick in direct air arrivals (+2.5%).

• Overnight arrivals from the US over the first seven months of 2018 were up just +0.8% after contractions in July 2018 in air arrivals (-5.1%) and automobile arrivals (-1.2%), the latter of which was associated with a surge in arrivals in 2017 in the midst of Canada’s 150th
over the July 1st to July 4th long weekend. Excluding the first two days of the month, July 2018 US auto arrivals were on average 7.2% higher than 2017 (based on IPIL

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