Expedia Presents: Multi – National Travel Trends

A Global Look at the Motivations and Behaviors of Travelers

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Key Highlights Include:

Number of Trips vary widely by Country

  • Mexican and Chinese travelers take the most trips, while Canadian travelers take the fewest

Not all Vacations are created equal

  • Argentinian travelers take the longest vacations on average, while Japanese travelers takethe shortest

International or Domestic

  • Europeans, Canadians, and Argentinians are most likely to have booked international travel in the past year

Relaxing and Sightseeing Trips Rank High

  • Visiting family is more important for Americans, Canadians and Australians

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  • Travelers largely travel by plane; Chinese travelers choose trains over cars

Hotels are the place to Stay

  • French travelers are more likely to pick alternative accommodations

All Travellers have a Budget in Mind

  • Japanese, British, and German travelers are most ready to spend

How Travellers Spend

  • At least a third of the traveler’s budget is allocated to hotel and flight, with food closely following

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