Cancellation 2019 Kettle Valley Express

Letter from the Publisher of The Kettle Valley Express travel guide for South Central BC

To all our valued Kettle Valley Express advertisers and stakeholders.

This year has seen two major events that impacted the economy of Grand Forks and much of South Central BC, which is the coverage area of the Kettle Valley Express. The record spring flood in Grand Forks wiped out many businesses and those that survived have suffered during the recovery. The fire season which created smoke so thick, that sometimes one could not see 12 blocks ahead, brought our tourism to a halt which did not really resume after the smoke cleared.

Our office location on Market Avenue in Grand Forks, was able to keep most of the water out during the flood and we did not sustain very much direct damage from the flood but have been very much impacted from what would be the second wave.

These events have reduced the number of businesses and the available advertising budget of those that did survive, also reducing the “off KVE season” design revenue for Vicom Design Inc.. This business needs healthy businesses to survive and a large part of my design customer base and the Kettle Valley Express advertiser base was devastated.

This economic hit we took has forced me to make the hardest decision I have made yet, to lay off my dedicated sales person, Lisa Cartwright and cancel the production of the printed 2019 Kettle Valley Express. I have spent 6 years building this guide and have accomplished quite a lot including, provincial participation and an international marketing effectiveness award competing against the world. This decision was not taken lightly.

We will try and turn this disaster into a positive by giving our business community time to recuperate with the intent of returning much more viable for 2020. As many people and business, including our customers, are rebuilding to come back stronger, so shall we. We will be taking time now to strengthen the website and social media side of the Kettle Valley Express as well.

The pull-out map has been such a success that to help the Kettle Valley Express guide stay top of mind for 2019, a separate 20,000 stand-alone run of the KVE Trail Map will be printed with limited available space for advertising on a first booked and paid for basis. A panel of 24 spots. Ad spots can also be combined for a larger ad.

Email: or phone 250-442-3731 and ask for Brian.

I would like to take the moment now to thank every business that has ever advertised in the Kettle Valley Express for the financial viability and support, Destination BC for their recognition, T.O.T.A. for partnership guidance, co-funding support and alignment of the map with Destination BC plus more, Rec Sites and Trails BC with map accuracy, trail groups and stakeholders for contributing information and imagery, the Visitor Centres for helping to get it into the public’s hand, and the people who have taken it into their lives. I have received an overwhelming number of random phone calls this year from readers who are so impressed with it, the phone calls have lasted for 20 minutes or more and I end up sending out a few more copies to them the next day.

The Kettle Valley Express guide WILL come back for 2020!

Brian McAndrew
Owner: Vicom Design Inc. / Publisher: Kettle Valley Express

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