A Toast to Monte Creek Ranch Award Winning Reserves

Results from the 2018 InterVin International Wine Awards

Monte Creek Ranch is raising a glass to their most recent wine-world wins. The winery’s flavourful 2016 Chardonnay Reserve and 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon have both earned silver medals at the 2018 InterVin International Wine Awards.

The InterVin International Wine Awards is designed to recognize and celebrate the very best wines available to Canadian consumers. The goal is simple: help winemakers attain well-deserved recognition and celebrate outstanding achievements in winemaking.

Through InterVin’s international scope and diligent evaluation process, an entirely objective, blind tasting format has been developed that utilizes a team of qualified and respected judges. The panel features wine industry professionals with backgrounds in hospitality, media, education, and winemaking.

2016 Chardonnay Reserve
This classic of the white wine world won’t disappoint. Monte Creek’s 2016 Chardonnay Reserve was fermented in oak from the Jupilles forest in France. It has a unique blend of texture and complexity. White flower and passion fruit aromas draw you in. Peach and caramel reach you on the palate. Medium body, bright acidity, and rich texture give this wine a splendid mouthfeel.

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Monte Creek has been very fortunate to work with some premium Cabernet from the South Okanagan. Within a single vineyard, the grapes from two separate sites. The sandier site creates wines that have gobs of fruit character (chocolate covered cherries seems to be the dominant note), and the site with more gravel creates wines with more subtlety and earth character.

In 2015, Monte Creek’s Reserve Cabernet was made from the sandy site, as the smoking hot year lent itself to making big, fruity wines. From the slightly cooler (but still warm) 2016 vintage, the grapes chosen to make the Reserve, came from predominantly the gravel site. What you get is a nuanced Cabernet that still has plenty of fruit, but also a light leafiness with dried herbs.


Monte Creek Ranch wine is available in their tasting room, online  and in select liquor stores in British Columbia and Alberta.

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