TripAdvisor Presents Booking Behaviors Driving Travellers

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Key Highlights Include:

Men spend less time booking trips than women. Younger travelers tend to start their planning later. And 59% of travelers begin researching their next trip between one and three months before departure.

Six travel personas based on attitude, booking preferences, age, and income:

  • Value seekers are those who say, “We want to make the most of our vacation.” Often traveling with children, they have a medium income and fall mostly into the 25-34 age group. They particularly value TripAdvisor to help them find deals, babysitting services and kid clubs — and they tend to research on their smartphones. Beach holidays are a favorite for people in this group.
  • Luxury travelers are those who say, “We want to enjoy and spend.” These are high earners who travel with a partner, have a substantial budget, and are most prevalent in the 25-49 age group. They like their destinations hot and sunny, and cities and beaches top their lists of places to go. They check TripAdvisor before booking—90% say ratings on review sites are important when making a final accommodation booking decision.
  • Social travelers are those who say, “We want to share and engage with others.” They don’t travel alone, preferring to spend time with friends and family. They also appreciate babysitting services and kid clubs since they often travel with children. They’re very influenced by word of mouth and recommendations from other travelers and tend to prefer beach holidays. They trust TripAdvisor to help them identify hidden treasures, have medium to high income, and tend to fall into the 25-49 age group.
  • Independent travelers are those who say “I want it my way.” They love to go solo and make travel choices independently. They want adventure and use online research to find it. Culture matters to them – climate doesn’t. They are mostly low or high earners, falling into the 25-49 age group. They are most likely to share a TripAdvisor review on social media.
  • Researchers are those travelers who say “We want it perfect.” They spend a lot of time researching destinations, activities, restaurants and accommodations, usually on laptops. They spend a little extra for something special. They are often high earners in the 25-49 age group who travel with a partner.  Researchers trust TripAdvisor to provide the voice of the consumer when deciding on each stage of the journey.
  • Habitual travelers are those who say “We want it simple and easy”: They tend to go to the same locations repeatedly, so they don’t need to spend much time planning or researching. Travel is more about relaxing than activities. Mostly male, they often go away by themselves and tend to be low earners in the 35-64 age bracket.

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