WorkSafeBC seeks feedback on proposed policy amendments regarding the COR Program

Previously, WorksafeBC had requested stakeholder feedback on proposals to strengthen and standardize Certificate of Recognition (COR) policies, COR Audit Standard, and other components of the program across all certifying partners.

The feedback was used to establish the proposed future state of the following COR components:

  1. Audit Standard – provide a single, scalable audit standard scalable for all employers and industries
  2. Audit Tools – standardized audit tool
  3. Auditors – criteria for selection, education and training
  4. Certification Process – standardization, external auditor requirement
  5. Employer Categorization and Audit Scope – audit standard usable by all employers and industries (no categorization required)
  6. Quality Management – QA framework development
  7. Equivalency and Reciprocity – process for evaluating other safety certification programs against COR
  8. Financial incentive – eligibility status and incentive payments

WorkSafeBC is conducting further public consultation on the proposed amendments and practice materials regarding the COR program.

The discussion paper, draft policies, draft practice materials, and information on providing feedback back can be accessed here. The consultation period closes October 1, 2018.

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