Expedia Releases American Baby Boomers vs. Millennial Travellers

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Tip 1: Make sure you produce Inspirational Content accessible on Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s)

  • Because OTAs are crucial in the inspiration phase for Boomers, partnering with them is a great way to reach Boomers. To that end, many OTAs have content teams that can help you create engaging campaigns with stimulating creative messaging, so your branded message resonates with this audience more effectively

Tip 2: Incorporate a Cross Device Advertising Plan

  • This plan will help you inspire and reach Millennials across their devices, ensuring you engage this increasingly mobile generation. The key here, especially if you don’t have other marketing channels like an app, is to make sure that your site is responsively optimized for all devices.

Tip 3: Promote Content that has Great Deals and Values

  • Deals are a priority for Boomers, but budget isn’t as much. This means your content
    should feature messaging around the specific value of your offering—especially
    compared to others—rather than how it fits in with their budget.

Tip 4: Feature diverse activities and experiential messaging in your content

  • With so many reasons for travel, content that captures a wide array of activities
    with strong experiential messaging will resonate with Millennials

Tip 5: Feature Informative Content with Deal-Driven Offers

  • The devil is in the details, and it’s also in the deals. With deals as the number
    one consideration when booking a trip for Boomers, highlight the value that your
    brand or destination offers while also giving detailed descriptions.

Tip 6: Have an integrated channel strategy on key channels like OTA’s and Social

  • For Millennials, chat is King. Ensure you have an integrated marketing strategy with
    compelling content on key shopping channels like OTAs and social. Likewise, make sure you have a chat feature.

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