Scam currently operating in the Okanagan Region

Accommodators Be on the Alert

Travel Penticton was recently notified about a scam that has been operated at the Penticton Lakeside Resort and Summerland Waterfront Resort.

  • The hotel receives a same-day booking under the name of Barbara Johnson from Nelson for 2 rooms/suites and are given credit card information over the phone.
  • Later in the day, Jennifer and Shaun Brown arrive and ask to check into one of the rooms.
  • They are asked for a credit card and claim that their boss (Barbara Johnson) who is paying for the rooms is on the way.
  • A phone call is made to the said boss who confirms that they are indeed en-route.
  • Jennifer, who has long brown hair and travels wit ha pet plays the sympathy card and says that she really needs to get into her room etc.
  • The reception staff allow them to enter the room and make a note that a credit card is to be collected on Barbara Johnson’s arrival.
  • Barbara is of course a no-show.
  • Staff contact Jennifer and Shaun who insist that Barbara simply got held up and ended up pulling over and sleeping at the roadside in Vernon (or a similar story).
  • Notes are made and staff change shifts – when they call Jennifer and Shaun’s room the following morning there is no answer and when housekeeping check the room they have vacated.

Local police have been notified.

We urge you to inform all of your staff about this scam and to alert local police immediately if they come across anything similar.

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