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Okanagan Adventures is now GiftGator!

We're rebranding, and here's why.

Okanagan Adventures is now!  GiftGator continues to provide bookings for Okanagan Experiences, but now we’ve started including uniquely Okanagan products as well.

Why the rebranding?  Owner, Ayn Lexi, explains. “We wanted to shift our intent somewhat. Instead of just focusing on booking really cool Okanagan Experiences, we wanted to broaden our offerings as well as add gift cards, which never expire. All our gift cards can be personalized, and we can either mail out a card, or the giftor can send an electronic gift voucher. This is perfect for the person who has someone in their life who is very hard to buy for – and who doesn’t have at least one of those? The gift recipient can then go onto the site and redeem the card for whatever they want. This way they’re sure to be happy and the memories they create are now linked to the person who gave them the experience. This is so much better than thinking your present will never be used, or it may be returned or regifted.”

“With the ability to create our own gift cards in-house in a matter of minutes, we discovered that it’s also the perfect way business owners and corporations can provide employee reward and recognition!  In addition to personalizing the messaging, we can even co-brand each card.”

“So,” she concludes, “That’s why we rebranded! But we still have all the awesome outdoor adventures we had before.  We’ve just created a totally new website and we’re slowly moving everything over from Okanagan Adventures, so we do hope that people will be patient and continue to check back often as our offerings increase almost daily.”

To celebrate the new GiftGator branding, the company has created a summer contest! It’s the GiftGator Great Summer Giveaway, in which they’re giving away a pair of wine tour tickets for two every week through September 10th, as well as a few extra pairs here and there. In total 22 wine tour seats will be given away for a Party Tour that will take place on September 15th!  No purchase is required, and you can enter here:

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GiftGator enables consumers one stop shopping for Okanagan Experiences and uniquely Okanagan products, with the ability to purchase a gift card, so the recipient can choose their own.

GiftGator enables businesses to attract new customers, develop new relationships and expand their Target Markets and Affiliate Selling network.

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