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2017 Canada Public Summary Report

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Key Highlights Include:

Market Potential

  • The immediate potential market has increased significantly: 9.57 million travellers are
    definitely or very likely to travel within Canada in the next year, outside of their province or region (up from 8.73 million in 2016).
  • British Columbia continues to hold the greatest appeal, followed by the Atlantic region and Alberta, which has moved into 3rd place, just ahead of Ontario.
  • Canadian travellers appear more likely to travel within their own province or region, with the proportion saying they will spend more on leisure travel within their province or region exceeding those who say they will spend less (travel outlook of +6, up significantly from +1 in 2016).
  • The travel outlook for leisure travel outside of Canada has dropped from +2 in 2016 to -1 in 2017, while the travel outlook within Canada remains stable (0, versus +1 in 2016).

Competitive Environment

  • Aided mentions of Canada increased significantly in 2017, an indication that more Canadians are considering a trip within Canada in the next year, outside of their province or region.
  • Canada and Italy achieve the highest NPS results among Canadian travellers (+35).

Net Promoter Score:

  • Canadian travellers indicate increased active planning for domestic trips in 2017.
  • Two potential areas of focus for Canada: moving travellers from considering to creating a vacation movie and from creating a vacation movie to detailed itinerary planning.


  • British Columbia and Atlantic Canada remain the most popular regions in terms of likelihood to visit, while Alberta has seen a significant increase in mentions and moves ahead of Ontario for 3rd place.
  • The Rocky Mountains and Vancouver remain the most appealing destinations

Vacation Activities:

  • Natural attractions, historical sites, cruises, nature parks, Northern lights, and hiking or walking in nature are the top trip anchor activities for Canadian travellers.
  • Popular activities that Canada could better promote to domestic travellers: Northern lights, cruises, guided city tours, music festivals, food and drink festivals, amusement parks, and fall colours.


  • Cost remains the primary deterrent to travelling within Canada, cited twice as often as the next closest impediment, high gas prices.
  • Older travellers aged 55+ have fewer barriers to visiting and are most likely to say nothing will prevent them from travelling to Canada. However, they are not as far down the path-to purchase as younger travellers aged 18-34, who represent the best immediate opportunity and larger lifetime values.
  • Those at the evaluation stage (gathering information or planning a visit) are now more likely to cite cost as a potential barrier than those at the consideration phase, suggesting that cost concerns intensify as Canadian travellers proceed through the purchase cycle.

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