TripAdvisor Presents: An Overview of the Traveler Path to Purchase

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The traveler’s path to purchase in today’s world is tangled and complex. Travelers are inspired from a variety of sources — from something they saw online, to a billboard on the side of the road, or a story from a friend’s recent trip. With so many different channels, both online and offline, it can be daunting to decide where to invest your marketing dollars.

The traveler path to purchase is comprised of three phases

THE INSPIRATION PHASE is when the destination is defined. During this phase, which occurs 20+ weeks in advance of booking, travelers are open to inspiration and possibilities. This is your time to influence travelers to consider your destination.

THE SHOPPING PHASE is your biggest opportunity to attract the attention of travelers. During this phase, which occurs 1-19 weeks before booking, travelers are now shopping for places to stay in their destination. This is an important time to be seen by travelers and become part of their narrowed consideration set, it’s your time to stand out from competitors and gain exposure.

THE DECISION PHASE is usually the main focus for many hoteliers. This is when travelers finally select a place to stay, and book. During this phase, it’s vital to make the decision process as easy and simple as possible for travelers. Remember, this is your last opportunity to influence travelers to book with you — so make it count

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