New kiosks boost tourism

A new digital visitor information platform created by a local tech startup has been used by more than 7,500 people since it launched a month ago.

The platform is called VIKE (pronounced VICK-ee), which is an acronym for Visitor Information Kiosk Experience. Touch Tourism, the local company that created the technology, credits the owners, managers and staff at local venues who installed the kiosks at their establishments for the strong start.

VIKE allows Kelowna visitors to easily search for the area’s top tourist destinations and experiences. The kiosks have been installed at hotels, visitor information centres, museums and art galleries.

“Being a local business owner that relies on the tourism dollar, I genuinely understand how important it is to determine what my target market is doing, and they’re doing digital,” Touch Tourism’s primary investor and local business owner, Luke Weller, said in a press release.

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