Think with Google presents: No regrets: The 3 things driving the research-obsessed consumer

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Today, people can—and do—optimize their lives. Whether it’s taking a vacation or going out to dinner, people curate their experiences before they go. It helps them get excited, lets them feel more confident and less anxious, and makes them feel like they’re getting the most out of every moment.

For curious consumers, getting excited often means getting a preview of what’s to come. In the months, days, or moments leading up to an experience, many are looking for a sneak peek.

In other words, the research process becomes part of the experience itself, helping to build anticipation before they even step foot out the door.

The time and money consumers have to dedicate to enjoying themselves is rare, and precious. They want to get the most out of a trip, whether it’s to a local cafe, the ballpark, or halfway around the world. Working out the details in advance—prices, maps, schedules—reduces anxiety and allows people more time to enjoy themselves once they arrive.

That’s likely one reason we’ve seen mobile searches for “wait times” grow over 170% in the last two years.1 Whether they’re going to the gym or out for dinner, people want to know what they’re getting into.

Ultimately, all this research is meant to create the best experience possible. They want to squeeze out every last drop of goodness, making sure they don’t miss anything along the way. Consumers feel pressure to do research—otherwise they’ll feel remorseful if they have a negative experience they believe could have been avoided.

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