Expedia Releases Unpacking Bleisure Traveller Trends

The practice of combining business travel and leisure travel into one trip

Read the full report here: Unpacking Bleisure Traveller Trends

Methodology: Expedia Group Media Solutions commissioned a study, conducted by Luth Research, to unpack the behaviors, influences, resources and preferences of American, British, Chinese, German and Indian bleisure travelers – or business travelers who extend their trip for leisure.

Key Highlights Include:

  • On average across the five countries over the last year 60% of business trips turned into bleisure trips
  • Most bleisure travelers take a business trip at least every 2-3 months, with those trips tending to last between 2-3 nights
  • Although most travel domestically for business, on average there is nearly equal likelihood domestic and international business trips will turn into bleisure
  • Bleisure travelers tend to go it alone, and aren’t typically going to see family and friends
  • When leisure is added to business travel the length of trip can almost double
  • Business trips that are two nights or more, and far away from home, are most likely to convert to bleisure
  • Most spend 1-5 hours researching before deciding to add leisure to a business trip. Even after deciding to extend for leisure, the time spent researching and planning is relatively short
  • Bleisure travelers are investing time in planning the leisure portion of their trip, but not everything is booked in advance, creating an opportunity to reach and convert in-market
  • How far travelers on average are willing to go for bleisure depends on the mode of transportation
  • More than half of bleisure travelers spend the same amount or more on a bleisure trip
    versus solely leisure, and most save for bleisure travel
  • More than 2/3 of bleisure spending is allocated to hotel, airfare and dining
  • Majority of bleisure travelers use plastic and cash, though alternative forms of payment are up and coming

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