Expedia Releases The Canadian Traveler’s Path to Purchase

Read the full report here: Canadian Path To Purchase

Key Highlights:

  • 30 million digital Canadians users consume 148 digital minutes each month
  • 7 out of 10 digital Canadian users consume travel content
  • More minutes are spent engaging with travel content on desktop devices than mobile in Canada. Mobile reaches 64% of all Canadian online travel users, while desktop reaches 65%
  • Half of smartphone owners and close to three in five tablet owners engage with their devices when planning trips
  • The majority of online bookers travel with companions. 56% travel with their spouse or significant other. 19% travel alone
  • Close to two thirds of Millennial Online Travel Bookers start with multiple destinations in mind
  • Friends/Family recommendations and OTA are the most influential online resource in the destination decision process
  • Cost and Hotel/Accommodations are the most critical information in helping online travel bookers decide on a destination
  • 38% of travel bookers are influenced by advertising when considering more than one location

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