Expedia Releases: 9 Travel Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

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Attention is the new currency

Mobile is no longer an additional platform for extending your marketing message; it’s now business as usual. eMarketer predicts that this year, American adults will spend an average of three hours and 23 minutes per day on mobile media. Make sure your brand is present where your audience’s attention is captivated, and that your content is relevant to that platform.

Think bigger than the product

Our marketing approach needs to take that lifestyle mentality into consideration, and your strategy should be adapted for changing consumer behavior.

Creativity backed by insights

Savvy marketers are taking a scientific approach to the creative development of advertising in 2018.

Real-time optimization

How do you know if your campaign is working and how can you adjust to ensure you meet your goals? It’s not enough to learn post-campaign that your efforts just didn’t hit the mark. Real-time data and real-time optimization are here to stay, and should be an integral aspect of your strategic marketing plan.

Dedicated moments

Integrations are still big business, especially for marketing moments like sporting events, but we’re well beyond the days of agreeing to a partnership and letting the other party do the rest.

Add utility to your advertising

78% of travelers said informative content from destinations or travel brands can influence their decision-making process, and 46% said ads with informative content can be influential.

Brand differentiation: stand out from the crowd

Two thousand and eighteen is the year of the traveler. With new air routes opening, new planes capable of flying longer distances, new hotel openings and new types of accommodation offerings, there’s never been more choices for consumers. How can you stand out from the crowd, beyond what you’re selling?

Be relevant

Marketers should be aware of what’s going on in the world outside of their brand. Context is king

Connecting the dots

The experience from TV commercial to the storefront to search pages should tie together seamlessly — not create confusion for the consumer, and channels should work together to deliver the same message

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