Expedia Releases Canadian Multi- Generational Travel Trends

Travel Habits and Behaviors of Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers

Expedia Media Solutions released their study on Canadian travellers profiling Generation Z (18-23) Millennials (24-35), Generation X (36-55) and Boomers (55+).

Read the full report here: Canadian-Multi-Generational-Travel-Trends

Key Highlights include:

  • Millennials take the most trips, while boomers are not travelling as frequently as other generations, they make up for it in length
  • Millennials and Boomers are especially fond of international vacations
  • All generations travel to visit family, relax, and sightsee while Millennials and Gen X also travel for family play
  • All generations prefer to take to the skies, although Gen X will also hit the road
  • Boomers show a slight preference than other generations for staying at a resort
  • All generations spend almost half on hotel/flights
  • Boomers are planners and Millennials are least likely to have booked a year ago
  • All generations, even Boomers, are deciding between multiple destinations
  • Boomers looked more to airline, hotel and car rental sites to book travel
  • Boomers claim social media has little influence on travel booking decisions

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