Manic Monday – Beige on Beige or a Flash of Green

Midnight Musings from our CEO

Tourism is one of the most unique and interesting industries in the world. It brings people together, improves communications, builds relationships, provides education, is an outlet for cross-cultural experiences, promotes understanding and in doing so creates a vehicle for peace.  And notwithstanding all of these lofty outcomes, Tourism can also bring tremendous fun and joy to those that choose to travel.

On the other hand, many of us that work in tourism are often seen as a bit beige on beige. While we have important work to do and we all want to be taken seriously, we tend to get caught up in the seriousness of tourism. Of course, it is important that we ensure the industry is seen for its tremendous impact to the GDP and that it earns its rightful place in the world business community – but sometimes we tend to lose our own vitality in all of that heavy lifting.

What drew us to this industry in the first place? Many will answer that question with a response that they “loved” to travel. Yet so many of us that are in the industry find little time to do that anymore. What is worse, when we do travel for business, we rarely, if ever, take the few extra days to explore the destination we are in.

I encourage you to take time this summer to start to make a change and to begin to do all those things you have put off for someday … to this day.  We don’t know the length of our journey, but we do know that it is not going to be as long as we think it should be. You live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Find what drew into this industry and recapture the travel bug.  You won’t be disappointed.

On that note, one easy way to have some fun this summer is to join us for the 27th Annual TOTA Golf Tournament taking place August 30th at Black Mountain Golf Club. Take off the business attire, leave the summer madness behind. Tourism folks can be so much fun and so much more than the beige on beige we can be known for … let’s throw out the beige on beige and replace it with green on green!

Enjoy your summer and see you August 30th…

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A Few Highlights from this Week’s News Centre…

TAKE A MOMENT TO VOTE: WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS; TOTA is thrilled to be nominated for the upcoming World Travel Awards under the category of Responsible Tourism. YOU get to be the judge and help put our region in the forefront of international markets.  To register and vote for the Thompson Okanagan go to (read more). Everyone loves a good ghost story and we have one of our own at a Ghost Town near Princeton where a new interpretive walk recently opened at Granite Creek. Gold was found here in 1895 prompting fortune seekers to travel here from all parts of the world (read more); Are you up to date with what is required to ensure safety in the workplace? go2HR has launched a new online certification program that is designed to assist employers in making sure they are providing a safe work environment for their employees (read more); Christina Lake is inviting all tourism ambassadors to join them for an incredible opportunity to get to know the area better. June 26th or September 10th the community will open its arms to those interested in everything from the history to the ecology of the area as well as the breadth of tourism opportunities available today. To register to participate, read more.

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